Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Member of Your Family

If it’s your goal to be the best gift-giver this holiday season, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to be sharing with you some of the best gift ideas that J.H. Young offers for every member of the family.

Check everyone off your list from the youngest to the oldest and provide them with some of the most stunning and classic gifts this year. Don’t worry, we’ll even wrap it for you. And the best part? We won’t tell them it was our idea.

Gifts For the Youngest

The youngest can be tricky to buy for if you want to veer away from the toy route. But sometimes, there comes a time where a timeless piece of jewelry for your child or grandchild turns into a family heirloom that they will keep forever.

Some of the most classic pieces of jewelry to buy a loved one at a young age includes a locket, a personalized bracelet with their name on it, a pair of earrings (maybe even their first pair!), and of course, a charm bracelet to highlight some of their favourite things.Pandora Me Charm Collection

Pandora recently released a ‘Pandora Me’ collection that features smaller, dangling, charms that are meant to highlight the interests and hobbies of the wearer.

Gifts For the Teenagers

Teenagers can be the most exciting to buy jewelry for because they are just starting to discover themselves and their own personal style. Although tech-based gifts are always number one on their list, it’s hard to not love some of these options.

As we mentioned, you can never go wrong with a Pandora charm bracelet. And if they already have one, getting charms will always be a great gift for any occasion. Another great idea is their first high-quality watch.

Movado watch

For a teenage girl that might be a stunning Michael Kohrs timepiece. For a teenage boy we highly recommend Movado which is known for their modern, sleek look and is very popular amongst younger crowds.

Gifts For the Women in Your Life

We do a lot of ring recommendations here, but this year we have some beautiful ideas for the special women in your life that are a little different from the usual. That could be a wife, a girlfriend, a mom, an aunt—the list goes on!

An exciting gift option this year is ‘stacking’ with Gabriel & Co. What do we mean by this? Well, Gabriel & Co. offers a myriad of ‘stackable’ combinations for both necklaces and bracelets to create a truly unique look.

You can mix and match different styles or pair similar colour themes to create the perfect combination of jewellery to wear at once; on your wrist and around your neck!

Gifts For the Man in Your Life

You were expecting us to say ‘watch’ weren’t you? Well, that would just be too easy. However, if you do have a watch lover on your hands (no pun intended) a great gift idea this year could be a watch or jewellery box.

J.H. Young offers stunning watch box options to store all of your loved one’s favourite timepieces.

If you’re looking to take a different direction this year, another possibility is a men’s bracelet. We offer many different styles that would pair perfectly with a watch or alone on the wrist.

Gifts For the Oldest

Is it just us, or are the oldest members of our family the most difficult to buy for? Whenever you ask them what they want, you always get the same answer: ‘I don’t need anything!’ or ‘I have everything I need right here.’ If you’re looking to get them something in addition to your love this year, we have some suggestions.

What a lot of people don’t know is that J.H. offers more than just jewelry. In addition to the classic pieces we all know and love, we also offer unique gift options all year round. This year, consider purchasing a classic clock for some of the older loved ones in your life.

We offer an exclusive collection of Bulova’s iconic kitchen wall clocks, pendulum wall clocks and oversized home furnished inspired clocks designed to accentuate any home’s decor.

If this idea intrigues you, we highly recommend exploring our Bulova collection in-store that features strike and chime wall, tabletop and mantel clocks and outdoor clocks.

Another great idea is our Vera Wang home collection Inspired by her iconic jewellery collection. Specifically, we carry Vera Wang’s “With Love” Gold collection which includes home decor, drinkware, flatware/cutlery, dinnerware and serveware. Visit us in-store to see all the different options.

Still can’t decide what will make the perfect gift? Do you have too many ideas swimming around in your head? Come visit us at our store in Brantford. We’ll help narrow down your options and find the perfect gift for your loved ones (we’ll even wrap it!).

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