How to Choose a Watch for Any Man's Personality

Everybody has an accessory they just can’t live without. For some it’s a pair of sunglasses, for others it may be a favourite bag. For most men, a watch is that key accessory that you need to feel complete.

As an item that can be worn virtually every day, a watch is an extension of yourself and your personality. As such, you need a watch that fits your lifestyle and represents who you are.

Wearing a watch that complements your personality will allow you to better coordinate with your wardrobe. Whether you’re the sporty type, a techie or love to indulge in some luxury, there’s a perfect watch out there for every personality.

We’ve put together a few suggestions that will help you decide which timepiece is right for you or the man in your life!

The Watch for the Active Man

If you’re someone who’s all about sports and adventures, then you need a watch that can keep up. Take a pass on the showy designs and go for something more functional like the Aquaracer Automatic by TAGHeuer.

The Aquaracer watch is rugged and able to handle any activity, but it’s also a versatile style icon. Suitable for any high-pressure moment, it will never crack. Whether you’re hiking, biking, diving into the ocean or simply hitting the gym, the right watch will be with you for any adventure!

The Watch for the Minimalist Man

Is your closet filled with neutral colours and classic pieces? Deep down, sounds like you’re a minimalist. You might think accessories are unnecessary, but you just can’t pass on a clean and simple watch.

Go for a timepiece with a clear face, without any complicated dials or displays, for a sleek and contemporary look. The Movado Men’s Watch is a perfect match. Its clean and simple aesthetic fits in seamlessly with your simple and classic style.

The Watch for the Lavish Man

The lavish man requires a watch that lives up to the man himself! There’s no better fit for high-class tastes than a gold watch. Gold makes a strong statement when paired with a suit, and portrays an image of power, intelligence and grandeur.

If you’re all about the high-roller lifestyle, then a Gold Bulova Watch is your perfect new accessory. It’s a bold addition to your outfit, but still carries that timeless and sophisticaed look. Wearing this little bit of luxury on your wrist is sure to spark a little jealously in those around you.

The Watch for the Tough Man

A tough guy calls for a tough watch. Many timepieces lean towards a more decorative style, but we’ve got one set that has the masculine look you need.

The Tissot T-Race Moto GP features not only a rugged aesthetic, but a durable build and tons of practical features. The structure was inspired by the frame and parts of a motorbike and includes features such as a brake-disc bezel, dashboard counters and tire treads on the dial.

It’s true that many tough man watches tend to have chunkier designs, but there’s many slimmer styles when you need a watch that’s both rugged and sophisticated.

The Watch for the Quirky Man

The quirky man is someone who’s confident in themselves and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The quirky man absolutely requires a watch that matches his unique personality. There’s no better match than a pocket watch like the Tissot Savonnette.

Pocket watches are designed to be unique, while still keeping things timeless. The Tissot Savonnette collection features magnificent pocket pieces that continue the classic craftsmanship used back in the day.

The Watch for the Technology Man

If you’re the kind of man who appreciates technology and the power of the sun, then a solar powered watch is for you! Check out the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition. It combines Touch technology and solar cells beneath the dial, allowing the watch to be used in full darkness for up to one whole year. Enjoy 25 functions, and its ability to automatically go into Eco Mode if it’s not being worn in order to save energy.

Solar power watches are both technologically advanced and good for the environment. Better yet, the NBA edition is the perfect accessory to cheer on your favourite team during basketball season!

We can’t include every personality in this post, but we’ve got the watches for every man! Visit our store in Brantford and one of our professionals will help you pick out the perfect new timepiece. Now, which of the featured watches do you love most?

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