Creating a name for themselves by producing irresistible timepieces that convey a sensation of power while remaining affordable is something TAG Heuer will always be proud of. But how did they get to that level of success and how do they continue to lead the watchmaking industry with innovative timepieces? Let us tell you their story.

Revolutionizing watchmaking since its creation in 1860, TAG Heuer is an extraordinary company that was founded by Edouard Heuer when he was just 20 years old. The major technical revolutions such as the oscillating pinion in 1887, the aesthetic revolutions embodied in iconic models such as the Carerra launch in 1963, and the commercial revolutions that brought the company legendary ambassadors including Juan Manual Fangio, are just the tip of the iceberg for how this company has created success. What really sets TAG Heuer apart is the exceptional quality of their watches and chronographs. Reliable and robust, their timepieces are a joy to own and wear.

For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has faced down and pushed past every challenge they’ve come across. Making their own rules, choosing their own path, never quitting, never compromising, never cracking under pressure, and defying the time-honoured conventions of Swiss watchmaking, the company continues to achieve higher levels of performance and precision.

This level of intensity and commitment can be seen through the company’s selection in ambassadors and partnerships. From athletes and actors to models and surfers to divers and drivers, TAG Heuer understands the feeling of being put under intense pressure and yet never stopping or crumbling. Partnering with the most watched, most intense and most thrilling sporting events across the globe to clock champions as they push their limits and achieve the impossible are the stories that TAG Heuer creates, setting them apart from their competitors.

With more than 150 years of experience, 170+ boutiques and over 1600 employees around the world, TAG Heuer continues to show that true luxury lasts forever within their timepieces. Visit us in store to view our full collection of TAG Heuer timepieces and experience the innovation and inspiration firsthand.