Long days at the pool, beach days filled with lots of sunscreen and getting your hands dirty in the warm summer sand- Summertime is FINALLY here! It’s easy to forget how much of a toll all these summer elements such as sand, chlorine, and sunscreen can impact your cherished jewellery pieces. While you should always take good care of your jewellery, during the hot summer months you should pay extra attention to your jewellery cleaning and care routine of your precious gems, stones and jewels. Here are some tips and tricks for jewellery cleaning and care this summer.

Avoid Chlorine & Salt Water Pools

Many people don’t realize how a day at the pool or the beach can cause damage to your jewellery. Chlorine and saltwater can not only discolour or tarnish certain materials but also cause erosion of soldered gold, silver or platinum elements making your jewellery susceptible to damage. If the water you’re swimming in is especially warm, the chlorine and temperatures will do double-duty on your jewellery causing it to become dull over time – sometimes this damage is irreversible.

Keep your Jewellery Safe

Jumping into that refreshingly cool water after a hot day is an irreplaceable feeling, unfortunately, that ring that just slid off your finger may also be irreplaceable. When you go swimming, be sure to remove your jewellery before jumping in. Cool water can cause your fingers to shrink temporarily making it easy for jewellery to slip off your finger onto the bottom of the pool, lake, or ocean before you even notice it’s gone.


Sunscreen is an imperative part of outdoor summer fun, and while it protects us from harmful UV rays, it does not protect jewellery. In fact, wearing your jewellery while applying or wearing sunscreen can cause the lotion to get stuck in small crevices of your pieces causing them to look dull, dirty, or worse – dingy. Before applying your sunscreen or heading out for a summer adventure, be sure to keep your jewellery at home, or bring it along in a fabric jewellery bag. If your jewellery is in need of some TLC, bring it to us for cleaning- We can do it for you, or you can purchase one of our jewellery cleaning kits!


Hot humid weather – a Canadian’s dream summer! While we may enjoy the heat and humidity, humid weather can cause metals to tarnish more easily. Humidity causes an intense increase in sulfur vapour pressure which causes the corrosion of silver and other precious metals. To protect your jewellery from muggy humidity, it is best to keep it in a cool air-tight location. If it’s an especially humid day and you’re out and about, consider keeping your jewellery at home for the day.

Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard, at the pool, or at the beach, keeping your jewellery safe and sound during your summer fun will ensure it sparkles and shines all year long! If you need help cleaning your jewellery, give us a call – our jewellers are professionally trained and experienced in jewellery repairs and restorations of all kinds.