If you’re like us, then every single year you tell yourself “I’m going to do my Christmas shopping early this year!”. If you’re also like us, then every year still ends up being a last minute scramble to get all of your gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree in time.

If you’ve left your Christmas shopping down to the wire, there’s no need to panic. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best last minute Christmas gifts that will make it look like you’ve been planning and shopping for months.

1. Gift Card

Don’t be afraid to take the safe route. If you just don’t have time to pick out a gift for someone, why not let them do it themselves?

Gift cards are a fabulous Christmas gift that you can pick up at a store in just a few minutes. Better yet, you may even be able to purchase it online to print out or send straight to their inbox. When you’re short on time, it can also mean they end up with a gift they truly want and value, instead of whatever was easiest for you to grab at the time.

If you want to turn giving a gift card into something a little more personalized, why not plan a shopping trip together to spend it? You can even make a day out of it by including lunch or a movie afterwards.

2. PANDORA Gift Set

You just can’t go wrong with Pandora jewellery. There’s nothing better to put under the Christmas tree than one of Pandora’s beautiful, hand-finished pieces.

One of the best things about Pandora is the variety. They offer charms for every occasion, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more. J.H. Young carries a huge selection of Pandora jewellery in Brantford, including over 600 charms alone to choose from.

The one downside of such an extensive selection is that it can make choosing a gift a difficult and time-consuming process!

Luckily, Pandora makes last-minute shopping easier with their gift sets. Simply pick out the gift set with a matching bracelet and charm, and you’ll be on your way to your next party or family gathering in no time.

3. Birthstone Jewellery

Buying jewellery as a gift can be difficult if you’re unsure about the person’s style or preferences. When you go with birthstone jewellery, most of the decision-making is already done for you based purely on the gift recipient’s birthday.

Birthstone jewellery is a personalized, meaningful gift that can last a lifetime. As long as you know the person’s birth month, you’re good to go shopping.

Not sure which stone is best? You can learn more about them here or simply let our staff know and they can offer their advice on which birthstone jewellery will suit them best.

Birthstone jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes, making it quick and easy to choose a piece that works for your budget, and one that they’ll actually wear. Some people love necklaces while others are all about rings. Whatever they love most, you can find it with their birthstone.

4. A New Watch

Everybody needs to be on time (or at least, they should be). So, why not give the gift of a stylish new accessory that’s functional at the same time?

J.H. Young carries a large selection of men’s and ladies watches from some of the world’s most trusted brands including Tissot, Tag Heuer, Bulova and Michael Kors. With our showroom full of quality, stylish watches and knowledgeable staff on standby, we’ll help you pick out the perfect gift in no time.

If the person you need a gift for already has a watch they wear regularly, don’t let that stop you from buying them a new one. Nobody wears the same outfit every day, so why should they wear the same watch? Gifting them a new watch could be the replacement they were saving up for, or a new addition to their watch wardrobe so they can switch it up for different outfits and occasions.

Your Christmas shopping in Brantford just isn’t complete without a visit to J.H. Young. Swing by our store and let us help you (quickly!) pick out the perfect gifts to put under the tree this year.