Second to the holidays, we call awards show season our favourite time of year. It’s when we get to step into the glamorous lives of so many of the people we have been seeing on the silver screen (or our laptop screens) from the comfort of our living rooms and simply admire their talent and fashion.

We love how they express their personality through stunning wardrobes and extravagant jewelry. To celebrate awards show season, we’ve put together some of our favourite red carpet jewelry trends and how you can get that look for slightly less than Beyonce’s $8M earrings.

1. In the Deep Blue and Green

If you happened to tune into the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards red carpets, you couldn’t help but notice the amount of green and blue gemstones adorning our favourite celebs.

From JLo’s stunning diamond and emerald necklace (which had 145 carats of Colombian emeralds, by the way) to Cynthia Erivo’s Bulgari diamond and blue sapphire masterpiece, we are in love with these deep oceanic colours.

On the red carpet, we often see these gemstones paired with diamonds. While many of the blue-green colours adorn necklaces, we also see them in trendy statement earrings, which is a great way to add a pop of colour to any look.

Get the look: Doves Jewelry features affordable yet trendy pieces featuring both the blue and green colours to glam up your look for the big date or a wedding, which is sure to make your friends green with envy.

2. Don’t Choke

Another undeniable trend on the red carpet is the choker necklace. We see these in a range of dainty to more substantial based on the balance of the outfit.

Of note, we can’t stop talking about Scarlett Johannson’s Bulgari diamond choker from the Golden Globes. We love chokers because they can go with any neckline, whether it be plunging or worn fashionably over a turtleneck.

Don’t worry though, it’s not just diamonds. We saw a number of gemstones adorning our favourite celeb’s collarbones, particularly sapphire which is right on par for the blue and green trend we mentioned above.

Get the look: Gabriel and Co. offers trendy chokers in a variety of weights, from dainty to something a little more glitzy and heavy. Their jewellery can help make any outfit red-carpet worthy.

3. Drop-Dead Gorgeous

We simply love a drop earring. They can be bold or muted, and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Sometimes less is more and we saw a lot of that on the red carpet this year. Celebrities would choose one statement piece, which was most often a necklace, but then pair it with more muted earrings.

For those that weren’t in the huggie or ear climber earring camp, the drop earring was definitely an award winner this year.

Get the look: Kim International features a wide variety of diamond earrings including some stunning diamond drop earrings. For a more classic look, go the Jennifer Aniston route and make your diamonds the star with an all-black ensemble.

4. What up, Brooch?

It’s not just the ladies who were getting glammed up this year.

The men were doing their fair share of the carat lifting too. Brooches may seem a bit outdated, but it seems like every lapel was adorned with some sort of bedazzled brooch.

Not to play favourites, but we couldn’t help but appreciate Elton John’s rocket brooch. Even tough guy Jason Momoa, who is always stylish, was rocking some ice on his velvet jacket… before he was spotted wearing only a black tank top with his Valentino slacks.

A brooch is a great way to add style to a simple jacket, whether its men’s or women’s fashion.

Get the look: Brooches are a very personal choice in our opinion. Some people want it to have a deeper meaning, some just can’t explain why they are drawn to certain designs. If you visit us at J.H. Young, we will help you pick out this simple but stylish accessory that’s sure to add some pizazz to any outfit.

5. That Hoop Energy

It’s no secret that the internet has been obsessed with “hoop energy” lately. After this year’s award shows, who can blame them?

It seems that people also can’t stop talking about Sophia Vergara’s oversized statement hoops. We love the comeback these earrings have undergone lately. Not to sound clichè, but there really are hoops for every occasion.

Whether you want something bold like our girl Sophia, or something smaller and more casual, you just can’t go wrong with a simple hoop.

Get the look: While many of our favourite brands carry hoops, some of our favourites include some sparkle with a diamond hoop from Lafonn or Uneek.

Whether you’re actually walking a red carpet event or your life is a runway,  J.H. Young has something for everyone to give their life a little more sparkle.