What’s in store for J.H. Young in 2020?

A new look! As we reflect upon the past 120 years of amazing business, we have a lot to be thankful for. This year we are celebrating our anniversary, the new decade, and now a new store offering you a fresh new shopping experience. Want to know more about these upcoming renovations? See below for our most frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

J.H. Young has enjoyed 18 wonderful years at our current location and the time has come for the store to take on a new, fresh look that is more up to date with today’s current trends. The new look will provide our clients with an enhanced shopping experience as we create a luxurious space offering you a fresh take on iconic jewellery. Bound by tradition and inspired by the future, the new store will reflect the future of J.H. Young while keeping our past alive.
We will be closed starting March 30th and plan to be closed for the month of April, May and June, reopening our doors in July.
For the past few months we have been busy planning these renovations putting much of our time towards creating the best shopping experience possible for our customers. The process includes reviewing multiple designs, paying attention to every single small detail, choosing new flooring, new lighting, going over various colour schemes, selecting new show cases to house our quality jewellery, and much more. It has been an extensive planning process and we cannot wait to see the finished product.

The actual renovations should take approximately 4 weeks.

J.H. Young is staying true to our foundation while tying in modern touches to create a unique jewellery experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Our cases will be much more efficient featuring enhanced security while maintaining the mahogany wood illuminating the warm feeling that has been a part of the store for 120 years. Furthermore, we want the new store to reflect how energy conscious J.H. Young is by replacing all of the lighting with modern efficient LED lighting both in the show cases as well as all of the overhead lighting.

The overall layout of the store will be changing as well to create a more natural shopping path for customers to seamlessly find which products or brands they are interested in. A small but elegant lounge will be fashioned for those who are accompanying others to provide a comfortable seating area welcoming everyone.

Our customers are our first priority which is why we are undergoing these renovations in the first place – to provide them with an enhanced shopping experience unlike any other. These renovations will allow us to streamline our service department with a complete in-house jewellery repair department including 3 on-staff goldsmiths with two laser machines providing pin-point accuracy, increasing the range of assembly and repair applications, and minimizing the potential hazards of heat damage.

Furthermore, the layout of the new store will provide a larger, more comfortable seating area in the diamond rings and bridal shopping area. We will be adding more show cases with proper lighting within the store, crafting a much more enjoyable viewing environment for our customers to shop our wide range of top-quality brand name jewellery and timepiece collections.

Starting in 1900, J.H. Young was first born out of a location on Colborne Street in Downtown Brantford. After enjoying 86 years in this location, we then moved into the Eaton Market Square Mall while opening a second location in the Lynden Park Mall. As Downtown Brantford began to see some changes taking place, we decided to close our Eaton Market Square store while maintaining our location within the Lynden Park Mall.

We moved to our current location, 126 Lynden Road, 18 years ago and we have no plans of moving any time soon. This 3000 square foot store allows our customers to drive right up and park at our door creating a convenient, complete and full shopping experience.

Once renovations are complete, we will reopen our doors to celebrate 120 wonderful years with all of our customers with the hopes of continuing our traditions for 120 more years to come. No matter where we are located, and no matter what technology advancements may appear, J.H. Young will always stay true to our commitment of providing exceptional jewellery experiences with a personal touch.