He’s finally popped the question and you’re getting married. You’ve started browsing bridal boutiques and all those sparkles have been catching your eye. Before you jump into choosing your wedding jewellery J.H. Young wants you to know what not to do so that you choose only the best pieces for your dream day.

Don’t clash with your dress.

It goes without saying that your bridal gown will be top of your list when it comes to wedding shopping. Make sure you’ve chosen your dress before you commit to buying any accessories and jewellery. You want to make sure they complement each other. The style, detailing and colour of your dress will all influence your jewellery choices.

A few style tips to remember – Gold looks beautiful with champagne and ivory gowns while silver suits white dresses best. Add rose gold to an ivory or white gown for a soft and warm jewellery look. Just make sure you choose one colour and stick to it.

Don’t ignore your personality.

One thing we hear from brides over and over again is to aim for a bridal look that is you at your very best and we couldn’t agree more! When choosing your jewellery, only choose pieces you feel comfortable wearing, even if your mom or best friend thinks something else. Your significant other fell in love with you, so be yourself and don’t feel obliged to wear jewellery that you’d never choose any other day.

Don’t forget your hairstyle.

How you wear your hair will influence your jewellery choices. If your hair is down and loose consider whether a pair of statement earrings will get the attention they deserve or whether your jewellery budget would be better spent on a glitzy necklace, bracelet or cuff. Likewise, choose a hair comb, vine or tiara that will complement your hair styling to create a beautiful bridal look that works.

Don’t forget your theme.

Starting from your theme is an easy way to start searching for all aspects of your wedding day, including your jewellery. If your day is 1920’s themed, choose a glamorous headpiece to match. If you’re more of a vintage girl, team your lace gown with pearl jewellery to complete the look. Beach and bohemian brides will prefer more laid-back jewellery styles, including anklets for a barefooted bride.

Don’t blow the budget.

When budgeting for your wedding it’s always worth spending money in the areas that matter the most to you and will have a significant role in your day. If you’ve been dreaming of diamond bridal jewellery since you were a little girl and your budget allows it, then follow that dream girl! For many brides, however, their wedding budget is better spent on things like the venue, flowers, or even a little hit extra to put towards the dress. Work out your priorities and what your budget allows and then start your wedding jewellery shopping. Browsing pieces that would blow your budget will only lead to dissatisfaction.

Now that you know what not to do when choosing your bridal jewellery, it’s time for you to browse our jewellery collections for inspiration ideas. When you’re ready to start purchasing the pieces for your big day, we invite you to visit our bright showroom located at 126 Lynden Road in Brantford and meet our dedicated family that guarantees unparalleled personalized service and honest advice.