We’ve mentioned numerous times through our past blogs how trendy antique jewelry has become but few people understand why this style is trending and what some of the benefits of owning antique jewelry are. So why should you buy vintage jewelry? Well, there are many reasons, but we will just name five to begin with.

1. It’s affordable

While rare and precious antique rings, such as those previously owned by celebrities or various royal families, tend to fetch quite the pretty penny at auctions, there are many affordable pieces of treasure to be found. In many instances, buying used costs considerably less than buying new and has the added bonus of the piece actually increasing in value over time.

2. Ethical choices

Many of us are aware of the ethical dilemmas in purchasing engagement or wedding rings, specifically those that contain diamonds. This has led to the trend of “alternative” engagement rings which are becoming more and more popular, including buying vintage. This is because the majority of vintage and antique rings pre-date the use of diamond mining. Purchasing a vintage wedding or engagement ring is a great option for those committed to making an ethical and environmentally-responsible choice.

3. History connection

As romantic as family heirlooms are, not everyone is fortunate enough to receive one, but buying a vintage piece of jewelry is another way to connect yourself to history. Whatever the connection may be, wearing a piece of vintage jewelry is like a little thread that ties you to the past. It’s entirely up to you what meaning you make of it.

4. Uniqueness

Antique or vintage pieces are made in such a distinct manner and style that allow you to truly stand out from the crowd. With such highly skilled details incorporated into many of the pieces, such as hand-engraving, you’re not likely to come across someone else with that same piece. Plus, there are so many amazing periods, designs and styles to choose from that whether you’re a romantic or modernist or something in-between, you’re sure to find a style you love.

5. Timeless

Trends are fun, but when it comes to these investment pieces, there’s something to be said for a timeless choice. Yes, modern trends do reference historical designs quite often, but a true vintage piece will always have a different look and feel to its modern counterparts. A classic piece from any era can stand the test of time.

If you’re unsure whether you possess a vintage piece of jewelry or you’re looking to purchase some but don’t know where to start, visit J.H. Young and we will help you find the piece that is right for you.