Jewellery Restoration and Repair in Brantford

Our jewellery is one of the most sentimental possessions we can own, and is often passed down from generation to generation. There are times, through no fault of our own, jewellery can become damaged, broken or lose its lustre. At J.H. Young Jewellers, we understand the value of your jewellery and are here to provide jewellery repair and restoration services in Brantford and surrounding areas to help restore your jewellery and make it look as good as new.

Our jewellery restoration and repair services can be as simple as replacing missing or malfunctioning parts like a clasp or link or resetting or replacing missing gemstones. Repairs can be required on old and new pieces.

The Inspection

In order to restore your fine jewellery we first thoroughly inspect the piece, including the metal, gemstones and any other parts to determine what is missing and what needs to be repaired. In some cases, such as missing gemstones or broken clasps, all that’s needed is a restoration of the affected area and the piece will be ready to wear once again.

The Repair

Even with careful use, jewellery can become damaged or broken. With some softer metals, there may be dents or scratches or gemstones may have come loose from their settings. When jewellery is in need of repair, it’s important not to try and do it yourself. Entrust your precious piece to our professionals.

The Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep jewellery looking new is with a thorough yet gentle cleaning. Every metal and gemstone is different. Over time jewellery can lose its lustre through the buildup of dirt and oil, which creates a thin layer of tarnish that can detract from its original beauty. A finished, professionally-cleaned piece of jewellery looks just as new as the day it was first crafted. 

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