Custom Design Jewellery

What’s it like working with a master goldsmith jewellery designer at J.H. Young Jewellers?

At our Brantford jewellery store, our team of accomplished experts and craftsmen are ready to showcase their art and experience for you by creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly unique and exceptionally crafted in every way.

Create your vision

Custom Designed Jewellery

Through a combination of metallurgy and gemological studies, along with the latest in laser cutting and computer-aided technologies, we bridge the gap between generations of jewellery design know-how and modern precision cutting to capture the elegant looks and rich luster of a custom piece that’s all your own.

The Process

Custom Engagement Rings In Brantford, ON

The Consultation

First, we start with a consultation. During this meeting you’ll meet our team of exceptional jewellery designers and master goldsmiths. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your vision for the piece of jewellery you want to have designed. We’ll discuss things like style, materials and design.

The Vision

Once the consultation is complete, our design team will get to work, creating a computer-generated image of the piece. This pivotal step of the process allows you to see your jewellery design come to life, where you can give feedback and request any adjustments before the design is finalized.

The Model

Once the design is finalized, we move onto selecting the materials that will be used. This includes the type of metal, such as gold or platinum, as well as the gemstones. From there, we create a 3D model of the jewellery design using computer-aided drafting software.

The Result

The cast piece then goes to our master goldsmiths and artisans to finish including setting the gemstones, a polish, and final inspection before it’s presented to you.

The custom jewellery design process at J.H. Young is truly a collaborative effort and a unique way to get exactly what you envision with a truly unique heirloom-quality piece that will surely become your favorite!

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