3 Jewellery Metals that Wont Tarnish

Have you spent hours researching a piece of jewellery, been thrilled to wear it, but are left with an ugly blue-green tattoo where your jewellery sat after removing it? If so, it’s likely you’ve been the victim of tarnishing jewellery! Don’t fear, while this can be an annoyance, it’s typically caused by not selecting the right metals. As your trusted local jeweller, we’re here to help you find metals that won’t leave behind a mark (just a really good lasting impression!).

Take a read through our blog below to learn a bit more about why your metals tarnish, as well as our top 3 choices to avoid the blue-green tattoo!


Why do metals tarnish?

Let’s start at the root: Not all metals tarnish, however, metals such as silver, copper, or nickel will tarnish when elements within the metal oxidize when exposed to air, sweat, or other chemicals (think hand sanitizers, cleaners, etc.). Tarnishing is actually a form of corrosion, and the off-colour it produces usually consists of the metal’s oxide or sulphide.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a green band left in place of a ring, it is likely your metal was either copper, brass, bronze, or the silver, copper, and nickel noted above. Not only can this leave behind an undesirable “tattoo” until it wears off, but some of these metals can also cause an allergic reaction for some wearers.


What Metals won’t Tarnish?

While we noted a few metals that will tarnish, let’s talk about some of our favourite metals that will leave your skin clean, and your sparkles sparkling.

  • Platinum: Typically used for engagement rings and wedding bands, platinum is stronger and more durable than gold! Not only that, but it is hypoallergenic and does not expand when exposed to heat, making it one of the most desirable metals for frequently wearing.
  • Stainless Steel: Technically, stainless steel can tarnish, but it takes a long (long, long) time and some harsh conditions. The chromium in the steel helps to prevent tarnishing and corrosion, and the beautiful shine makes it a strong contender for bracelets, wedding bands, and some earrings. 
  • Gold: Gold, in its purest form, is typically unreactive and will not tarnish. That being said, gold under 18 carats has the potential to tarnish due to the fact that gold is usually made of an alloy or mixed with another metal. Let us help you decide whether 10, 14 or 18 carats will best suit the type of jewellery you are selecting.


    Since 1900, our clients have trusted us to find them the perfect piece. It all begins with selecting and acquiring a range of the finest quality jewellery. While those are just a few of our favourite metals that won’t tarnish, we’re always happy to speak to you to help you make educated decisions about your jewellery! We want you to enjoy your jewellery for years to come (and we want it to look as beautiful as the day you first got it). Contact us today at 519-752-2330 to learn more, or to start shopping!