Brand Feature: Movado

Excellence in design. A dedication to Swiss craftsmanship. The quest for technological innovation. The Movado philosophy is as valid today as it was when Achille Diteschiem, a then 19-year-old entrepreneurial watchmaker, founded the company in 1881. It all started in the birthplace and national center of fine Swiss watchmaking, the village of La Chaux-de-Fonds, where Ditesheim employed six craftsmen in his first workshop after completing his training at a watchmaking school.

Ditesheim’s first workshop, located in a 3-story house that is still standing today, specialized in the assembly of movements and pocket watches. Growing at a rapid pace, Ditesheim’s factory was up to 30 employees in 1890, and their ranks grew by a further 50 workmen, with a total of 80 employees by 1897. From the very beginning, Ditesheim was determined to develop timepieces that would surpass all others in quality, and within a few years his watches were making history.

The year 1905 was momentous for the company. That was the year the name “Movado” was adopted. A word meaning “always in motion” in the international language of Esperanto. This new name proved to be a visionary choice.

Over the past 134 years, Movado has been a brand in motion, always changing, always innovating, always moving forward. This quest for innovation has made them one of the world’s premier watchmakers with more than 100 patents and 200 international awards for watch design and time technology. With a proud heritage of Swiss craftsmanship, design excellence, and technological innovation, Movado continues innovating into the future.

Long identified with Modernism, Movado’s celebrated single dot Museum dial is regarded as an icon of 20th century design. This proud legacy of design innovation remains relevant today and is present in everything they do, from their artist collaborations to their philanthropic efforts, to each new timepiece they create. This is what makes Movado ahead of its time.

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