How to Get Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

So, you finally made it. You’ve finally decided to take the plunge. You’ve picked out an engagement ring and now it’s time to make it fit.

Congratulations and welcome. We’re here to ensure the ring doesn’t slide off mid-proposal or, even worse, not get past her knuckle!

How can you ensure you find the perfect fit without letting your future fiancée know you’ve actually purchased a ring? Here are a few things you can try.

1. Ask a Friend or Sibling

One of the easiest tips we can provide for getting her ring size would be to ask a friend or a family member. If ‘engagement talk’ has been happening recently, then there is a chance she’s talked about it with a friend or perhaps a sibling.

Keep in mind, this could also be the least helpful of the options if no one actually knows her ring size. In this case, please refer to all other suggestions.

2. Steal a Ring She Wears Often

If she has a ring that she wears quite often, then your best bet would be to try and snag it for a day to get it measured (assuming she’s wearing it on the appropriate finger of course). If she wears it on a different finger, you might have to take a guess on the difference in size.

If you’re worried that she’ll start panicking because she can’t find her ring, you can always place it on a piece of paper and trace the circle with a pencil. We can usually determine the diameter of a ring with this method.

3. Put it On Your Own Finger

If she currently has a ring that you know will be the closest match, try putting it on your own finger and marking off with a pen where the ring sits. That way, when you come in to visit us, we can properly determine which size will fit based on that mark.

4. Test With a Different Ring

If you have an idea of what her ring size might be, another option is to purchase a really beautiful, more subtle option to test the size. We have many different lower-cost simple bands that act as a small gift to your loved one that they can add to their collection.

If this one doesn’t fit, you can come in with her to get it resized. This is the best way to avoid suspicion and get her ring size one and for all.

Brantford Engagement Ring

When all else fails…

5. Request a Ring Sizer

At any jewelry store, you should be able to request a ring sizer. They are also available online for purchase. Then, once she’s asleep you can finally know for sure.

We can’t guarantee this will work for light sleepers and we also can’t guarantee you’ll get an accurate reading in the dark. But desperate times call for desperate measures! (literally)

6. Purchase a Larger Ring and Resize it Later

One of the easiest options, if you’re really looking for the element of surprise, would be to just buy a larger size ring and then resize it later.

A larger ring may slip and slide on her finger initially, but that’s better than it not fitting at all!

After you’ve proposed, bring her into the store to get the correct size. We’d love to meet her and ensure she gets the perfect fit.

7. Just Ask

Last and certainly not least—just ask her. If you’ve never talked about getting engaged then this question might completely go over her head. If she doesn’t care for surprises, then this might be the subtle hint she needs.

Possible excuses for her questioning can include: ‘I want to get you a promise ring for Christmas’, or ‘My mom is buying a ring for my sister but we don’t know her ring size!’

Once you have finally figured out her ring size, we’d be happy to help you out with the rest! Her perfect ring is at J.H. Young and we are here to help you find it. We offer the most exclusive brands in Brantford with engagement rings that are sure to take her breath away.