How to Get Used to Wearing Your Wedding Ring

Getting married can be one of the most special times in an individual’s life. Engagement rings are used to validate the soon-to-be marriage, and wedding ring finalize your bond through marriage.

These rings are a constant reminder of the person you love the most, but some people are simply not used to wearing a ring, let alone any piece of jewellery at all which makes for a hard adjusting period.

Here are 4 tips on how to get used to wearing your engagement or wedding ring:

1. Wear Your Wedding Ring in Increments

If the wedding ring is tricky to get used to because you’ve never worn jewellery for an extended amount of time, wear it in increments! Start by wearing it during the day, and putting it in a safe spot at night. Then, gradually wear it overnight for one day each week until you can work your way up to wearing it full time.

2. Make Sure You Picked a Ring That Is Not Bothersome

Yes, a ring can be bothersome no matter what it looks like when you’re first getting used to it. However, choosing the right ring for your comfort levels can be a big help. Women’s engagement rings can be quite extravagant, with stones that jet out from the band. If this is an issue, considering a stone that is flatter to the band could be a big help, or even a ring with smoother edges. Men’s wedding rings are usually simpler, but choose one that is smooth and light on your finger.

3. Choose the Right Size of Wedding Ring

A big reason why rings can be uncomfortable is that if not sized properly, they can flip and slide up and down your finger constantly. Or, if it is too small it can cause a pinching feeling. Ask a professional at J.H. Young to help you size your ring properly, and it will make for a way better experience.

4. Don’t Give Up!

There can be an adjustment period to wearing your wedding ring, but don’t let that deter you from wearing it. It will only be a short period until you don’t even notice that it is on you! After that time, you will be ready to flash your love to the world through the stunning ring on your finger.

It is a Process

Getting used to your engagement ring or wedding ring can be bothersome, but it is worth it. Give it some time and take the tips above to help you along in the process. It won’t be long until you are completely comfortable, and can’t imagine your life without it!