How to Choose the Perfect Jewellery for your Bridesmaids

Maybe you’re wishing for a proposal this Christmas, or perhaps planning on popping the question, or maybe you’re already in the throes of planning a wedding for 2022 – but as the holidays draw near, the magic of the season lights up our imaginations for wedding planning! Instead of sugar plums dancing in your head, visions of your bridal party in their gowns and bridal jewellery are taking centre stage. As J.H Young gears up for a busy engagement season, we thought we’d shed a little light on bridesmaid’s jewellery – what to consider and styles we love.

The 3 Factors for Choosing Bridesmaids Jewellery

Ultimately, the overall cohesive look of the wedding party is the bride’s choice, but there are some qualifying factors to help choose the best look.

What is the colour of the bridal party dresses? Perhaps the most agonizing of bridal party decisions is what type of metal to choose for your bridesmaid jewellery. To help answer that, think about the colour of the dresses. Warm tones of colours complement warmer tones of metal, like pale pinks with rose or yellow gold. Blue and green hues work well with white gold or silver. Sometimes there are exceptions to this rule, but it is generally a good starting point.

What is the neckline of the dresses? The neckline of a bridesmaid dress can help determine what type of jewellery to choose. For halters, one-shoulder numbers, and high necklines, we suggest letting the dress do the talking. Forgo the necklace and choose a bracelet or a pair of earrings instead. If the necklines are lower, like sweethearts and V-necks, then choosing an elegant pendant necklace will accessorize very well.

Is the hair up or down? Similarly, how the members of the bridal party are wearing their hair also helps to make decisions for complementary accessories. To accompany a beautifully styled updo, for example, we recommend something small and simple; either studs or a dainty pair of dangle earrings. If the bridesmaid is wearing her hair down, then something larger with a little bit of movement, such as drop earrings make a beautiful match. Looking for more earring tips for your hairstyle on the big day? Check out our blog!

Does the Bride wear the same jewellery as the bridesmaid?

Traditionally speaking, no the bride does not wear matching jewellery as the bridesmaids. And that is because you don’t want to appear too uniform. It is also a lot easier to pick out accessories that complement a wedding dress but can also be worn with another outfit later into the evening, if you so wish. Bridesmaid jewellery is typically less bridal and instead matches the wedding party’s attire; for example, emerald earrings worn with dark green dresses.

Bridesmaid Jewellery We Love

At J.H Young, we love a bridesmaid bracelet. As bracelets are a symbol of friendship, they make a lovely way for your bridal party to feel connected on the big day. They’ll also be a sweet and subtle addition to the bridesmaid outfit that won’t distract from the dresses. That said, if your bridesmaids are wearing long sleeves, bracelets might go unnoticed.

Bridesmaid necklaces, as already mentioned, depend entirely on the neckline of the dress. However, they do make a lovely gift. A pendant necklace with their initials will go a long way in terms of thanking them for standing up with you and also honouring a special day.

Lastly, keep it simple

While selecting accessories for your wedding party is fun, keep in mind that a few simple pieces will go further than flashy and diverting options. You don’t want the bridesmaid jewellery to distract, but it should be more elevated than their usual, everyday-type accessories. This is an opportunity to wear some beautiful jewellery but keep it understated, elegant and timeless.

At J.H Young, we carry a variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that will make elegant bridesmaid jewellery or wedding party gifts. Visit our store to see our selection or contact us at 519-752-2330 to learn more.