Have you added a new piece of jewellery to your collection and are considering jewellery insurance for protection against damage and loss?  Or perhaps you have some pre-owned jewellery you are thinking of selling but are unsure about its value?  Either way you could greatly benefit from understanding the importance of a jewellery appraisal, how to use the information they provide, and how to compare appraisal values to retail values.   


A jewellery appraisal is a professional document completed by an qualified expert that describes your jewellery and its overall value.  The appraiser will use tools such as microscopes, precious metal testing machines and ultraviolet light to gather information to assess:

  • Condition, fabrication, and design details
  • Gemstones present and their characteristics including natural or lab origin, cut, carat weight, colour and clarity
  • Type and weight of metal present
  • Quality of setting and how well-made the item is
  • Documentation of any certifications the item has received

The written appraisal document should include all of these details along with the date and appraiser’s qualifications,  a high quality colour photograph, detailed description of the item, and  an estimate of how much it would cost to replace or remake the item in a retail store.



  • To verify the authenticity and quality of the item
  • To document the item’s characteristics and identify an accurate up-to-date value for guiding insurance coverage decisions or claims
  • To provide details that can aid you in understanding how to establish a fair price when selling your item
  • To substantiate proof of ownership in case the item is lost or stolen
  • To identify any maintenance or repair work that is needed to keep the item in top condition. Click here to learn more about our restoration and repair services.  



When inquiring about a jewellery appraisal it is important to remember that the value assigned to jewellery can vary depending on the function of the appraisal.  Therefore it is essential to identify the purpose of the appraisal with your appraiser.  It is not recommended to use an appraisal value as a selling price. 

Appraisal Value

  • Insurance Appraisal – determines the retail replacement value of your jewellery for insurance coverage; if you had to replace or remake the item new. This is crucial for making informed decisions about how best to insure your precious jewellery against damage, loss or theft.
  • Estate Appraisal – estimates the current fair market value of inheritance jewellery for estate planning or tax purposes

Fair Market Value ( Selling Price)

  • The estimated price at which a willing buyer will pay a willing seller
    • if both possess reasonable knowledge of all relevant facts
    • without any pressure
    • in a common marketplace
  • Markets fluctuate based on many factors such as
    • metal and gem prices
    • available supply
    • consumer demand for that specific kind of item
    • the current condition and quality of the item

It is important to be aware that the fair market value will be lower than the retail replacement value AND different than the price a retailer would pay for a pre-owned item. 



  • Upon purchase or receiving a valuable piece of jewellery to establish authenticity and ownership as well as document the relevant details of the item
  • Prior to insuring a valuable piece of jewellery so that an informed decision can be made about adequate coverage
  • Every 2-5 years for insurance purposes to ensure that the appraisal represents the current state of the item and the current value of the item, especially in the event that you ever need to make a claim related to that item
  • Prior to selling a valuable piece of jewellery so that you can have an accurate understanding of your jewellery’s quality and value allowing you to negotiate an appropriate resale price with confidence.



Appraisals at J.H. Young Jewellers require that you leave your jewellery with us for 10-14 business days to complete.  The fee for a single appraisal is $65 plus $35 for each additional item to be appraised.  To obtain the most accurate appraisal possible please submit any related documents for each item such as sales receipts, any previous appraisals, as well as laboratory certificates.  The item must be submitted and examined in person for an appraisal to be completed.  No appointment needed!  Just leave your jewellery items with us and let us know what kind of appraisal you require.       

Click here to inquire about having us appraise your jewellery.