Brand Feature: Kim International

Kim International is one of our favourite brands that we carry in-store at J.H. Young. Serving the jewellery industry since 1975, they specialize in diamond jewellery including bridal, pearls, semi-precious stones and gold jewellery.

From their ethical diamonds to stunning collections, keep reading to learn more about what Kim International has to offer.

Ethical Diamonds

Besides their stunning jewellery, one of the main reasons we love Kim International is their commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible mining. You can trust that any diamond sourced from Kim International is conflict-free, using what’s called the Kimberly Process.

The Kimberly Process is a diamond industry method of tracking the origin of diamonds from mine to market conducted in partnership with the United Nations. The Kimberly Process helps prevent the trade of illegal and unethical diamonds.

Sustainable Mining

Kim International also insists that their diamond suppliers and associated mines are held to a high standard of sustainability when it comes to mining diamonds and precious metals. They work with their partners to ensure they are up to code when it comes to human rights and social and environmental responsibility.

In addition to their diamond suppliers, they are always working to increase their sourcing of gold from recycled and secondary sources.

Romance Engagement Ring Collection

The Romance Collection consists of bridal rings featuring high-quality diamonds set in 18 karat gold. The collection features a wide range of settings suitable for many different shapes of diamonds from round to emerald, in any combination of semi-mount settings.

A semi-mount means that the design is simply the setting and the centre stone has to be added, which means you can customize it for the diamond or gemstone that truly speaks to you.

Radiance Diamond Collection

The Radiance Collection is one of the newest collections from Kim International. A piece from the Radiance Collection is perfect both for bridal fashion or simply adding a little extra sparkle and elegance to your outfit.

The Radiance Collection features rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in beautiful 14 karat gold and diamonds. These pieces were designed to give the big diamond look without the big diamond price.

They achieve this big diamond look by seamlessly fitting together smaller diamonds of the same colour and clarity in what’s called a cluster. These faceted round diamonds are fit together so precisely that they have the appearance of being one solid stone, which makes it a great look for an even better price.

Kim International has numerous styles in their repertoire, so come into J.H. Young and see what we have available for you in store! One of our team members would be happy to take you through the Kim International collection and pick out the perfect piece for bridal or everyday wear.