Must-Have Wedding Jewelry Photos

‘Tis the season for weddings! Your big day is just around the corner and you think you have everything planned but what about your wedding photographs? Maybe you have an idea of what you want, maybe you’ve even handed your photographer a list. They will no doubt capture those precious girly moments getting ready, but will they capture all of your carefully chosen jewelry and accessories?

A bridal essential, jewelry and accessories are often forgotten about from that holy photo list. But when you’re wearing the prettiest shoes, jewelry and hairpieces, won’t you want to look back on it and remember them? While every bride hopes to keep those precious heirlooms forever, you never know what might happen, so make sure these accessories photos are on your must-have photography list.

The Shoes

Whether you’ll be strutting yourself down the aisle in Cinderella shoes or going for a fun pair of flats, make sure they are photographed. Your feet will probably never feel so fabulous again! On or off, staged or lifestyle shots as you slip your hells in, the artistic options for shoe photographs are endless. They will be tucked away under your dress for most of the day, so let them take centre stage in your accessories photos.

The Rings

It can be all too easy to forget the all-important ring photographs. On the day you officially put a ring on it, celebrate exactly that! While it’s lovely to snap them on your fingers, once you’ve become husband and wife, you can also get really pretty ones using props. Hang them on a slender branch, balance them on old books, the options are limitless.

The Jewelry

That necklace from your grandmother, and that bracelet you immediately knew you wanted to wear on your big day, you will want to remember these pieces forever and how you were able to piece everything together to become the beautiful bride that you are. Get all of the earrings close ups, necklace focused and sparkling bracelet shots that you can. Pieced together or shot separately, these tiny items all played an important role in one of the most special days of your life.

The Details

Those little details will have a lot of memories and importance to you. You spent a lot of time choosing the perfect hair accessories and perfume, so of course you’ll want to remember them. Combine your smaller pieces in one photograph for stunning results.

The Man

No, we don’t mean the literal groom (although he does make a great accessory!). We mean don’t forget your man’s garnishes too! Make sure the photographer joins him on the wedding day too. After all, it’s his wedding too. Brief your photographer in advance about your partner’s grooms wear additions that they should absolutely capture. Think pocket watches, cufflinks, button holes, tie pins, watches… the list goes on and on.

Now that you know the must-have photographs to put on your list to capture those beautiful accessories and jewelry pieces you have hand selected, you are all ready for your big day! And if you haven’t chosen the jewelry for your wedding day yet, be sure to visit us in store to view our full bridal collection that will not disappoint.