National Jewel Day March 13th, 2024

National Jewel Day recognizes precious metals, prized stones, and the creators who craft them into wearable art. 

Jewellery has been a part of human culture since the beginning of history.  It has at various times symbolized beauty, status, political standing, religious affiliations, as well as expression of personal style and achievement.  Jewellery fabrication has included materials ranging from bone and shell to precious metals and rare jewels.    

Ways to commemorate National Jewel Day:

  1. Wear a family heirloom – go shopping in your own jewellery box! Revisit those pieces of jewellery that aren't normally worn in your day-to-day life.  Select one or two pieces to wear and appreciate the history and craftsmanship that they represent.  No family heirlooms?  No problem!  Visit our Estate collection and choose a unique and quality piece to add to your jewellery wardrobe.


  1. Visit your favorite jewellery store – take a moment to stop by your favorite jewellery store and ask about the various stones, metals, and designs that you encounter. Spend some time finetuning your particular jewellery taste and style.  Ask us about how to place your most favored items on your Wishlist for the future. 


  1. Purchase a special piece of jewellery – today is the perfect day to purchase that beautiful piece you have had your eye on! Or buy a heartfelt gift for someone you love.  Reflect on how this piece of jewellery can emphasize personal style and help to express individuality or commemorate life’s most important milestones.  Take a moment to appreciate the expertise that has gone into the design, materials, and fabrication of each piece of wearable art and the many artisans who have been involved in the process of bringing this piece home to you! 



    At J.H. Young Jewellers in Brantford, Ontario we are happy to welcome you to our family run jewellery business.  For over a century we’ve been Brantford’s retail and custom jewellery design specialists, offering stylish pieces in a warm and welcoming environment that invites you to be amazed at every turn.  This National Jewel Day we invite you to come spend some time with us and share our jewellery appreciation together!