Pandora Jewellery: Bracelets, charms, rings, and more! 

We’re proud to carry Pandora Jewellery, and so proud that we have the largest Pandora Jewellery collection in Brantford! From rings to charms, keychains to earrings, Pandora makes sure you shine all day long. Whether you’re on the hunt for unique charms or are looking to create a totally stackable surprise, Pandora is always something to talk about!


High-Quality Materials

If you’ve ever wondered “Is my Pandora real silver?” and the answer is yes! Most of Pandora’s products are crafted from sterling silver. Other Pandora products are crafted with gold, or our 14k Rose Gold and Gold-plated collection.

Fun fact: In 2021, 54% of the silver and gold in Pandora’s jewellery came from recycled sources.

Taking Care of Pandora Pieces

Is Pandora waterproof? Unfortunately, no. We recommend removing your Pandora jewellery before you get in the water, especially chlorinated water, as it can tarnish precious metals like sterling silver and gold. Can I clean my Pandora jewellery? Of course! Get your Pandora jewellery cleaning kit for all your favourite pieces in-store at J.H. Young!

Diamonds by Pandora

Introduced in 2022, Pandora Lab Grown Diamonds offers another luxurious yet affordable option from Pandora. Created using gold, white gold and sterling silver, plus exquisite lab-created diamonds, each piece is as meaningful as it is radiant.


Hand-finished and made to the highest environmental and ethical standards, Pandora is jewellery you can feel good about. From their classic bracelets to their more luxurious bracelets, classic rings, beautiful earrings, charms, and MORE, find your next Pandora piece at J.H. Young Jewellers.