Silver or Gold Jewellery: Which One Should You Choose?

There’s a lot of questions to ask yourself when it comes to jewellery. What colour metal should you wear? Which colour goes best with my skin tone or eye colour? Are there any rules to follow when choosing jewellery colours? Can I wear gold and silver jewellery together?

Gold versus silver coloured jewellery has been a long-debated topic and there’s plenty of confusion around different ‘rules’ for which metal to choose. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, fear not! We have the answers to all of your questions.

Our tips below will help you understand whether gold or silver jewellery will work best for you. Once you have it figured out, you can go shopping for all the jewellery your heart desires!

1. Matching Jewellery to Your Skin Tone

The first tip, and perhaps the most classic one is to consider your skin tone when choosing metal colours. Skin tone plays a role in determining the best accessory colour to deliver the right look instead of clashing with complementary colours.

For anyone who has cooler skin tones, silver jewellery is the most natural choice. For those with warmer skin tones, gold jewellery should be the way you go.

Not sure about your skin tone? Hold out your arm straight with your palm facing upward. Next, look at the veins on your wrist and the skin between the wrist and the elbow. Cooler skin tones will have blue or purple veins with pink or red undertones. Warmer skin will have green veins with yellow or golden undertones. The majority of people have cooler skin tones, even those with darker skin!

2. Matching Jewellery to Your Makeup

If you’re a person who likes to wear the opposite of your skin tone choice (i.e. cool skin with gold jewellery), then give matching your jewellery to your makeup a try!

If you have cool skin but feel like wearing gold jewellery is your style, create a bold warm lip with coral, red, orange or bright pink hues to complement your jewellery choice. Choose warm-toned eye shadow as well to help draw out the warmth in your appearance.

For the opposite, if you have warm skin but prefer silver jewellery, create a cool lip with lavender, icy, nude or a variety of pinks that have a lighter and whiter look. Choose cool-toned eye shadow in jewel tones to help bring out the cooler aspects of your complexion.

3. Matching Jewellery to Your Outfit

The last and probably most foolproof tip is to wear jewellery that will match your outfit the best. Matching your jewellery to your outfits also allows you to change it up from day-to-day!

A warm coloured dress with earthy tones might look best paired with a gold statement piece. For a cool-toned outfit with icy tones, try a variety of silver accessories.

Ultimately, the colour(s) of metal you choose to wear should be entirely up to personal preference and your sense of aesthetics. We’re all about being yourself rather than being like everyone else, so go with what makes you feel happy! Drop by our jewellery store in Brantford and we’ll help you pick the perfect metal colour for you.