The Best Type of Earrings for Your Hairstyle 

Earrings play a large role in the final touches of any outfit. Whether you’re heading to an event, going to work, hitting the town, or just looking to add some sparkle to your everyday outfit, the right pair of earrings can take any look to the next level. One thing to keep in mind when choosing the perfect pair of earrings for your look is your hair – is it long or short? Up or down? Dark or light? No matter the answer, our handy guide will help you look flawless by choosing the perfect earrings for your hairstyle.

Long to Medium Hair – Shoulder length or longer

If you have long to medium hair that falls to your shoulder or below your ear lobe, the best type of earrings to wear are larger earrings that stand out amongst your hair. A large statement stud, hoop or dangle will add sparkle while not disappearing behind your hair. Shapes such as ovals or rectangles will bring attention to your ear while your hair is moving around adding an extra sparkle to your look. Another great choice for long to medium hair is cluster earrings. Like the larger stud, these earrings won’t get caught in your hair and their diamond or gemstone finishes will illuminate your ear when the light catches them. A larger hoop or dangle earrings with a diamond-cut finish will add a brilliant sparkle as it catches the light through your hair. As an added tip, tucking your hair behind your ear will enable you to show off your beautiful earrings while effortlessly looking chic and comfortable. If you’re opting for a fancier look, consider curling your hair and adding a diamond-encrusted clip pulling your hair behind your ear on one side – this combined with your earrings will make you look elegant and eye-catching.

Medium to Short – Chin length and above

If you have medium to short hair that exposes your ear lobe and neckline, you have the luxury of being able to wear almost any style of earrings you desire. A bright statement stud, big or small, can add an extra sparkle to your style while being easily visible and admirable. Longer earrings such as drop, threader, hoop or chandelier styles will elongate your neck while drawing attention to you due to their elegant design and nature. If you’re going for a fancier look, diamonds are always a great choice in any style earring – our experienced staff can help you find the perfect earring for your exact outfit or event, just give us a call or visit us in-store to speak to one of our trusted jewellery professionals.

Earrings for every hair colour

Similar to the length of your hair the colour of your hair can help you determine the best earrings for your style. If you have darker hair, lighter coloured earrings will stand out more against your hair and increase the shine factor. For lighter hair, colourful earrings (especially blues and reds) can provide a beautiful pop of colour drawing attention to your face and ears. If you have red hair, it is best to shy away from red and pink stones and go for colours that will stand out amongst the beautiful bright contrast of your hair. Colours such as green, blue, purple and turquoise will temper your hair while providing a beautiful sparkle – When in doubt, a timeless pairing for red hair is a deep, gorgeous emerald in any shape or cut. For a go-to earring for any hair colour, yellow or white gold, white gold pieces are a great choice because their metallic finish effortlessly matches any hair colour or style.

No matter your style, colour, length or cut, we have the earrings to elevate your style and add a special sparkle to your look. From frame hoops, dangle, studs, diamonds, jewels, gold, white gold, platinum and more, our staff have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose a new stunning pair of earrings for any look or occasion. Visit us in-store to get your new pair (or pairs) of earrings today!