Top Canadian Jewellery Brands You Need to Know 

As a proudly Canadian company, we understand that buying local is important. Buying Canadian-made jewellery is something that not only makes you feel proud but also connects you back to the land knowing that the diamonds and minerals from it helped create the jewellery pieces that are always with you. Below we will discuss our Top 3 favourite Canadian Jewellery brands, check it out!

James Robert Collection

A J.H.Young Jewellers exclusive brand, the James Robert Collection is uniquely designed, crafted, and created right here in Brantford, Ontario! Named after James Robert Young, this custom collection of rings is a true and unique reflection of the love you share with your partner. We invite you to visit our showroom to view this exclusive collection! See more here.

Crescendo Jewellery

A brand that prides itself on being 100% Canadian in virtually every aspect of its business, every Crescendo creation is a perfected piece of art. Built on a family tradition going back three generations, Crescendo Jewellery focuses on innovative designs and high standards of quality to bring pieces of gold jewellery that will last the test of time. From men’s jewellery to engagement rings, you’re sure to find the perfect piece. See more here.

Fire & Ice

Canadian diamonds that sparkle and scintillate to perfection! The Fire & Ice bridal collection brings together lustrous Amber and Marcasite jewellery with robust Roman glass jewellery, creating a fascinating collection of colour and charm. Choose from special birthstone pieces and unique styles expertly set in sterling silver or 14K gold. See more here.

If there are any Canadian jewellery brands you’d like to see, let us know! Since 1900, our clients have trusted us to find them the perfect piece. It all begins with selecting and acquiring a range of the finest quality jewellery. We travel throughout North America looking for rare pieces and the hottest new trends.