3 Subtle Ways to Tell Him What Engagement Ring You Want

As much as everyone would like to have a fairy tale engagement where they had no idea the proposal was coming, and he magically picked out the perfect engagement ring, that’s not always the reality for everyone.

What happens if he has a total opposite taste in jewellery than you do? This is a ring that you’ll have to wear for the rest of your life, so you might as well love it. There are ways to send him off in confidence what he goes engagement ring shopping, without him feeling like you had to do all of the leg work for him. Here are 3 subtle ways to tell him what engagement ring you want:

1. Show him an example of an engagement ring you don’t like.

This might not seem so subtle, but when done correctly can give a major hint. If someone you know has recently gotten engaged, or even has an old photo of their ring online somewhere just after getting engaged, let him know your thoughts on their ring. Tell him exactly what you don’t like about it. That way, you can hint at your preferences while still flying under the radar.

2. Leave your Pinterest Board or Google Images Open on Pictures of Rings.

If you believe that getting engaged is in your near future, leave a big hint about the engagement rings that you like by pinning your favourite styles on your Pinterest board, and leaving your phone open. That way, if he’s hovering around your phone or if you are leaving the room, he can take a quick glance at what you like. Don’t have Pinterest? No problem. Just Google search your favourites and leave that open!

3. Casually stop into a jewellery store when you’re shopping together.

If you’re out and about and come across a jewellery store like J.H. Young, pretend that you’re looking at other jewellery pieces to buy for yourself, and slowly slide over to the engagement rings. In a totally nonchalant way, you can point out the ones you love, and the ones you don’t like (while also telling him why).

You Deserve the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams.

Getting engaged is a big moment in your life. With these tips and tricks, you can subtly tell your man what engagement ring you want without being too pushy. He’ll get the hint, and it will make his life easier at the end of the day. Get the ring you’ve always dreamed of at J.H. Young…you deserve it!