Wedding Day Jewelry Inspiration

So you’ve found your dream man and you’ve found your dream dress. Now, it’s time to find the dream jewelry to accessorize with on your special day. Knowing what kind of jewelry works with your gown is a great place to start when it comes to choosing the final touches that pull your entire bridal look together. Follow these simple guidelines when it comes time to pick out your wedding day jewelry and you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle looking utterly stunning and stylish.

wedding necklaceSweetheart Neckline

This neckline is so gentle that it offers the perfect opportunity to wear an elaborate necklace. Not only will it provide a beautiful counterpoint to the curves of the bodice, the simple, strapless design of your dress also means that a big jewelry item won’t look too much. Just remember to keep the rest of your jewelry understated to allow the statement piece to shine.

Plunging Neckline

A pendant is the perfect accessory for a neckline that dips into a deep ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape. Be sure to choose a chain length that matches the scoop of the bodice. A 20-22-inch chain will generally fall below the collarbone, which is ideal for deeper necklines.

bridal earringsHigh and Asymmetrical Neckline

With high neck dresses, a necklace will look too busy and will be hard to match. This rule also applies to halter necks, one-shoulder dresses and any dresses where the neckline rises above the collarbone. Rather than a necklace, choose magnificent drop earrings and a beautiful headpiece to balance out your look.

Straight Necklines

When it comes to straight bodices and bateau necklines, collar necklaces, chokers and classic pearls look exquisite. Since a straight neckline really shows off your shoulders and collarbones, a shorter necklace will really accentuate this area.

bride in veilWearing a Veil

If you have chosen to go with a more classic and traditional look and you are wearing a veil, you will want to be very careful when it comes to choosing your jewelry. It shouldn’t look too overpowering or be so lavish that it gets tangled up in your veil when your husband tries to kiss you at the altar. A simple pair of diamond studs or sleek drops will add the perfect touch of elegance and sparkle to your dress.

The Colour of Your Dress

You would be very surprised how much of a difference the shade of white in your dress can make when it comes to picking out your jewelry for the big day. Platinum, white gold, diamonds and pearls look beautiful with a pure white gown. On the other hand, yellow gold, rose gold and gemstones look absolutely amazing with ivory gowns.

One general rule of thumb to consider when shopping for your wedding day jewelry is that less is more. It may be tempting to go overboard with jewelry when you’re excited about your special day. If ever in doubt, stick to the timeless bridal pieces that never go out of fashion. Or, as always, feel free to visit us at 126 Lynden Road and a member of our team would be thrilled to help you find the perfect accessories that will not only match your dress but also your style and personality for your wedding day. After all, we are most alive when we shine bright.