Close your eyes. Imagine getting down on one knee, looking up at the love of your life. Now look down, what does the ring—the enduring symbol of your relationship—look like?

If you can’t find your ring, the ring, anywhere, one of our skilled craftsmen will create it for you. Don’t worry about how or if, just bring your ideas to us.


As you talk about your inspiration for your engagement ring, and what you want it to look like, one of our experienced designers will sketch your custom piece. Once you agree that it’s exactly what you envisioned, we produce a 3D digital rendering so you can make sure every aspect, every angle is perfect.


It’s the little details that make you fall in love. That’s why we not only produce a 3D digital rendering of your custom piece, but also a 3D wax model with all the details you imagined. When you are truly happy, we begin to shape your jewellery with the utmost precision and care.


Here’s how we make your custom piece shine: using a hot wax pen we place the 3D wax piece into a metal cylinder. A plaster like material is then poured onto it to create a negative mold. Once hardened, a flask is placed into a kiln where the wax is melted so that the desired metal can be poured into the mold.

The piece is then gently broken out of the mold and is ready to be polished and shined. Then we break the mold to make sure your ring is truly one of a kind.


Your vision isn’t ready until we add the finishing touches. We will wrap it up in an elegant box and bow for you. Now it’s all in your hands! We always feel lucky to be a part of our clients’ most memorable occasions. Helping you create the perfect gift, the perfect moment, is the best part of our job.

Bring your vision to life