Custom Jewellery

From our hands,
to yours.

Have you ever come across two relationships that are alike? We didn’t think so. When it comes to custom designs, it’s simple. We believe your jewellery pieces should represent the unique and special bond you and your loved one share. Experience the care, love, and passion that goes into all of our custom designs. Your moment is made perfect with J.H. Young.

How the story begins…

The Inspiration

You did it. You’ve finally met the one! A moment that has been circling in your thoughts for quite some time now. The best part about it is you have the perfect engagement ring in mind. Only problem, it’s nowhere to be found. Don’t worry about that, just bring your inspiration to us. We pay close attention to all your needs to ensure the piece is made exactly how you imagined it. No need to ponder over the technicalities of it all, just know you’ll be a part of this process from beginning to end.

Exceptional Design

This is where the excitement begins, for us we mean. First, we take the pencil and paper and sketch out the beginnings of your custom piece. Once we’ve got it perfect, we create and produce a digital rendering of the masterpiece you’ve imagined, to enable you to see it from every angle. We thoroughly believe it’s all about the details. As soon as we complete the 360 degree view, we bring you in to make sure it’s exactly what you imaged. If it is, the story continues.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

This is the part of the story where we bring it to life… literally speaking. We create a 3-dimensional wax model, with all the details you imagined – and then your piece is shaped with the outmost precision.

Polished to Perfection

It’s here where we add the shine. Using a hot wax pen we place the 3D wax piece into a metal cylinder, or flask. A plaster like material is then poured onto it to create a negative mold. Once hardened, the flask is placed into a kiln where the wax is melted so that the desired metal can be poured into the mold. The piece is then broken out of the mold and is ready to be polished and shined. The mold is then broken to ensure there will never be another like it. We finish this chapter by placing the diamond or stone of your choice into the custom design.

Cherish the Moment

Our job is done. You came to us with a vision, and idea of a unique idea that you wanted us to create for you that would be an inspiration to the one you love. And now that our work is done, we will wrap it up, place a beautiful bow on it and send it with you along with our best wishes for what is about to come next. We will always be proud to have been a part of this chapter of your life and hope to be a part of everything that is to come.

For over 100 years, these have been some of our proudest moments.