For those special rings that you wear every day or simply never take off, it’s important to always keep them bright, shiny and clean. Getting them cleaned regularly will ensure no dirt or debris builds up in the piece that will ultimately ruin the quality.

However, the cleaning process is quite tedious and if done incorrectly can cause serious damage to your ring. So today we’re going to be discussing the ring-cleaning process, why you should probably skip the at-home DIYs and why you it’s so important to take your precious rings to a professional to get them sparkling again.

Start by Preventing the Problem

Ring Cleaning

For starters, in order to maintain the integrity of your ring you first must prevent the problem. We recommend not putting your rings through any serious ‘trauma’. We know special pieces like engagement rings aren’t typically taken off the hand because high-quality metals and stones can withstand anything– but that doesn’t mean they should be taken advantage of.

Your rings should always be removed before dirt is involved. This includes activities like gardening, doing the dishes, or baking with sticky foods. If you can always remember to take them off before these activities, then you can avoid the build-up of dirt and debris.

Some other less common activities where we forget to take off our rings include when participating in water activities, cleaning with harsh chemicals, or applying lotions. All these activities, if done often, can affect the integrity of your ring.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Jewellery?

We stated earlier that if you don’t clean your jewelry, you will cause damage.

What do we mean by damage? Well, it can start with small problems like your stone changing colour or dimming, and then lead to bigger problems like the deterioration of the metal.

In addition, not cleaning your rings can affect your health as well. As crazy as it sounds, if jewelry just continues to get dirtier you can experience skin irritations and even issues associated with allergies. 

Cleaning Your Jewellery at Home

Often times, if a customer opts to clean their jewelry at home it can cause more harm than good. For example, a lot of people believe that using toothpaste is an effective way to clean jewelry—this is not the case.

Toothpaste, if not completely washed away, will harden like glue underneath your stones and is very difficult for a jeweller to remove. Instead, we recommend doing small cleanings to maintain the brilliance of your piece but leave the deep cleaning to the professionals.

Ways you can maintain clean jewelry at home without causing damage would be regularly buffing with a microfiber cloth and (if absolutely necessary) lightly cleaning your piece with mild dish soap.

D.I.Y cleaners you want to avoid would be toothpaste as we mentioned earlier, lemon juice or other acids, and denatured alcohol. All these liquids are methods we’ve seen suggested as a cleaning agent at home and all of them will only cause damage to your piece.

When It’s Time to Go to a Professional

This can be a tricky question because it all depends on how often your rings are exposed to the elements. Generally, diamond pieces can go longer without being cleaned but more fragile pieces like opals should be cleaned more often.

Generally, if you are wearing your rings habitually, this is our recommended cleaning schedule:

  • Bi-Weekly: wipe down with a microfiber cloth.
  • Monthly: gently clean with mild dish soap.
  • Every Six Months: take it into a professional for a thorough cleaning.

If you’ve purchased your piece from a local jeweller, typically cleanings will be free so long as the piece lasts. In any other case, the price for cleaning ranges from $25 to $50 dollars and can be done at any reputable jeweller.

Getting your jewellery cleaned is also important because it allows the jeweller to see if anything is wrong with the piece. You might not be able to recognize a loose stone at home, but a jeweller definitely will.

Do you think it’s time to get your ring cleaned? Don’t hesitate to stop by J.H. Young in Brantford or give us a call and we’d be happy to bring your treasured pieces back to life again.