The Diamond Ring Guide: 9 Most Popular Cuts

//The Diamond Ring Guide: 9 Most Popular Cuts

The Diamond Ring Guide: 9 Most Popular Cuts

With engagement and wedding season on our doorstep, we know you have diamonds on your mind. Whether you’re making plans to get down on one knee or just looking for some new bling, you have a lot of choice when it comes to diamonds and all of the different cuts.

Whether you want a timeless or modern look, a cut that will make your fingers look longer or a showstopper to make heads turn, there’s a diamond cut fit for every style.

We know the choices can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together this guide to the 9 most popular diamond cuts to help you choose the ring that dreams are made of.

Round Brilliant Cut

Round Cut Diamond

You can never go wrong with a classic. The round cut is the most popular type of diamond in the world, probably because of its stunning sparkle. When most people think of a diamond, the round cut is the type that comes to mind.

Emerald Cut


Emerald Cut DiamondYour fingers will look long and slender with this long, rectangular shaped diamond. The emerald cut is well known for its clarity and bright sparkles.

Oval Cut

Oval Cut Diamond

If you’re looking for something more modern than the round cut, an oval cut diamond is the one for you. An oval cut has the same brilliance as a round cut, while offering a more unique look than its popular cousin.

Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut Diamond

If you’re a red carpet watcher, you’re probably familiar with this diamond worn by many celebrities. Cushion cut diamonds are typically square- or rectangular-shaped with rounded corners and a timeless, vintage feel.

Princess Cut

Princess Cut Diamond

True to its name, the princess cut diamond has a feminine and modern look. After round and cushion cuts, the princess cut diamond is the next most popular diamond cut.

Heart Cut

Just like its name, the heart cut diamond is a rare and truly romantic choice. Shaped in the symbol of love itself, choose a heart cut diamond when you’re looking for a meaningful and unique ring.

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cut is a more modern update on the emerald cut. It has a higher crown and larger step facets, which gives this cut even more sparkle.

Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut Diamond

Go big or go home. Shaped like a football, the marquise cut diamond is the largest of all the different shapes. Its size makes it stand out, while its elongated shape and pointy ends make it well suited for shorter fingers.

Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped Diamond

With rounded edges that taper towards the point at the end, the pear shape diamond (also known as a teardrop diamond) is cross between a round and marquise diamond. This is another excellent diamond cut for those who want to create the impression of longer, slender fingers.

Not sure which way to wear it? You’re not alone! Generally speaking, the pointed end should face towards the fingernail.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and now you have a little more insider info on how to choose the perfect diamond for yourself or your lady.

Whether you have the perfect cut in mind or still need some expert advice, visit J.H. Young & Sons Ltd. in Brantford where our experienced jewellers will help you find the perfect diamond ring.

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