The 4 C’s of Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring for the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with should be a fun and exciting experience for you. Every diamond is unique, just like your love, and there are a variety of factors that affect the quality and the price of the ring you’re looking for.

Rather than getting overwhelmed, we have summarized a few factors that may matter most to you to begin your search for the perfect ring.

1. Cut

Of the 4 C’s, cut has the greatest effect on a diamond’s sparkle and beauty. We often think of a diamond’s cut as shape but it is really about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. Precise artistry is required to fashion a stone so its proportions, symmetry and polish deliver the magnificent return of light only possible in a diamond.

To determine the cut grade, one needs to calculate the proportions of those facets that influence the diamond’s face-up appearance. These proportions determine how successfully a diamond interacts with light to create desirable visual effects such as brightness, fire and sparkle.

2. Colour

The second most important ‘C’ is the colour, which refers to a diamond’s lack of colour. The less colour, the higher the grade as colourless diamonds are actually the rarest. A chemically pure and structurally preferred diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water, which creates a higher value.

To measure the degree of colourlessness, compare the stone under controlled lighting and precise viewing condition to master stones of established colour value.

3. Carat

The third ‘C’ refers to the carat weight, not the actual size, which is the diamond’s physical weight measured in metric carats. A metric “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams and then each carat can be subdivided into 100 ‘points’. This allows very precise measurements to the hundredth decimal place.

All else being equal, diamond price increases with diamond carat weight because larger diamonds are rarer and desirable. Many believe an engagement ring’s worth is based on carat weight alone. It is important to remember a diamond’s value is determined using all of the 4C’s.

4. Clarity

Just like love, diamonds can have internal and external characteristics that are known as inclusions or blemishes. Diamonds without these characteristics are rare and diamonds with these characteristics can often only be seen with magnification which is why clarity is considered one of the less important factors.

Evaluating diamond clarity involves determining the number, size, relief, nature, and position of these characteristics and how they affect the overall appearance of the stone. While no diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it comes, the higher its value.

5. Bonus: Confidence

The secret fifth, and what we believe to be the most important factor when shopping for the perfect engagement ring, is confidence. And when you shop at J.H. Young, you will feel absolutely confident in your decision. Our experienced team is qualified to describe the characteristics mentioned above of your diamond so that you can make the informed choice that is right for you.

Beautiful, rare and cherished, each diamond is unique and a miracle of time, place and change. At J.H. Young we want to help you find the best diamond to express your love. Visit our jewellery store in Brantford today and our experienced jewellers will help you pick out the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life.