Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Jewellery

Let’s face it, typically, women are more interested in jewellery than men. We have a theory that all men want to wear jewellery but are just unsure about where to even begin to accessorize.

Never fear, gentlemen. Today we’ve put together our five top tips on everything you need to know about wearing men’s jewellery.

1. Go With Your Gut

First thing’s first; take a look around the store or website. What do you like? You’ll most likely naturally gravitate toward some pieces or styles over others.

That’s okay! Don’t discount your feelings and go for whatever jewellery speaks to you the most.

2. Be Versatile

Another thing to look for, especially if you’re just joining the jewellery game, are pieces that you can wear every day.

This jewellery will help elevate your 9 to 5 look without being a focal piece or upstaging your normal look.

3. Cuffing Season

Let’s talk about bracelets! In the past, men’s jewellery has been overly thick and chunky in an attempt to symbolize masculinity.

As men’s jewellery becomes more popular, with exponentially more choices than before, we are seeing a shift to a more minimalist style in bracelets or cuffs. These thinner bracelets make it easier to mix and match styles, not to mention more comfortable to wear.

Pro Tip: If you’re going with a simple metal bracelet, try stacking it with a different material like leather or cord. If you’re wearing a watch and still want to wear your bracelets stacked, wear them on your opposite wrist to balance your look.

4. Put a Ring On It

If you already have a (wedding) ring on it then we recommend wearing any other rings on your opposite hand. If you’re really into a bolder look and like to wear multiple rings, we suggest capping it at two rings per hand. Otherwise, you might end up with too much going on.

Make sure when trying rings on that you bend and flex your fingers to make sure it’s comfortable to wear all-day/all-night. We find that rings that over 4mm wide are uncomfortable and too clunky for most men.

5. Sticking Your Neck Out

We love simple necklaces on men, it just adds something extra and another element of style to an everyday look. Necklaces tend to be very personal choices and can be worn under or over your shirt.

We recommend going with necklaces that you can easily wear every day, with or without a pendant. It’s all up to your comfort level. Currently, we love longer chain necklaces on men, about mid-chest length.

If you’re feeling extra stylish or edgy, you can always layer a longer necklace with a shorter necklace.

Pro Tip: If you’re ready to take your necklace game to the next level, try mixing different metals!

As gender norms are changing and becoming more blurred than ever before, we are seeing a massive trend toward jewellery in men’s fashion. While shopping for men’s jewellery can seem intimidating at first, we hope our tips above help you out and of course, always go with something you absolutely love.

Our selection of men’s jewellery in Brantford is growing, so stop by J.H. Young and check it out today!