A Custom Creation: Corey and Rachele's Story

custom engagement ring Brantford

Here at J.H. Young, we spend many hours creating custom engagement rings for the most unique of situations. But sometimes you stumble on a perfect story, coupled with the perfect ring, and it’s just too beautiful not to share…

Corey and Rachele’s love story started in English class, they’re what we like to call ‘high school sweethearts with a twist’. After meeting each other in 2003, Corey and Rachele ended up spending all of their high school days together right up until Rachele was forced to move to another city.

At just 21, Rachele’s move forced her and Corey apart and they both decided to see other people. A few years later, Rachele moved back to Brantford, but hadn’t heard from Corey in ages. That is, of course, until Corey decided to reach out.

Out of the blue, 5 years ago, Corey decided to message Rachele to see how she was doing. Rachele quickly responded and this led to a much-needed date. Needless to say, the date was a success and they have been back together ever since.

A year and a half, one house and a cute puppy later, Corey and Rachele decided to take a quick trip to Vegas. On October 17th, Corey arranged a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon where they were let out at the very bottom to explore.

While they explored the breathtaking views, Corey asked a woman to take a photo of them on a cliff. Next thing Rachele knew, Corey was down on one knee asking Rachele to marry him with a custom oval-cut engagement ring from J.H. Young.

As Rachele says, ‘it was the easiest question she had ever answered’.

Rachele and Corey, who met in English class, will be getting married in June of 2021.

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