Brand Feature: CrownRing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel like royalty, the likes of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth?

While we can’t promise you a trip to Buckingham Palace, CrownRing will make you at least feel like you belong there. Every piece is expertly crafted and inspired by making the everyday person feel like royalty.

About CrownRing

In 1999, CrownRing started with friends Thierry Bellisha and Haimy Mann who wanted to design pieces of jewelry to celebrate the milestones in life, the moments that are cherished for a lifetime. They were inspired by elegant jewelry that has adorned royalty for generations and wanted to bring that extravagance to everyday love stories.

Their brand focuses on both women’s and men’s matrimonial jewelry including engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary jewelry. What makes CrownRing so sought-after is that you can look like royalty with your jewelry without having to sacrifice comfort or break the bank.

CrownRing’s high-quality craftsmanship is available in a variety of unique metals and stones so that there is something for everyone amongst their numerous collections.

Crown Ring Wedding and Engagement Rings

CrownRing Collections

Wedding Bands

When you’re selecting a ring to “seal the deal,” you want to make sure to pick one that genuinely speaks to your style since you’ll be wearing it every day.

Lucky for you, CrownRing delivers. Their wedding band collection comes in a variety of metals and five different options including Classic, Traditional, Diamond, Carved and Rope.

The rope collection features, you guessed it, rope patterns in the band. Couples love this design because rope tends to signify two things coming together as one to make it stronger, much like two people.

The carved collection of men’s wedding bands are designed with different patterns in the metals, creating a ring that is unique to you and your love. Some rings are made of two different metals, which we love for the symbolism of two people coming together.

Bleu Royale

The Bleu Royale Collection from CrownRing is a line of men’s wedding bands that are truly different for men who want their wedding band to make more of a statement and represent their individual style.

CrownRing’s high-quality craftsmanship indeed shows in this collection. One of our favourites is a band that is expertly carved to look like wood grain.


If you’re the kind of person who continually works with your hands for either your job or in your spare time, you might be concerned about wearing a soft gold ring. That’s where the Innovative Metals Collection from CrownRing comes in! This line of men’s rings was designed to keep up with whatever life throws your way.

The collection features innovative metals such as tungsten, tantalum, titanium and cobalt. These non-traditional metals are significantly harder and more scratch-resistant than gold, so it’s perfect if you tend to be tough on your jewelry. Some are in combination with gold accents so that you can still get some flare on your sturdy ring.

Engagement Rings

The CrownRing line of engagement rings was designed with their principle inspiration in mind; a ring fit for royalty. Each of these stunning rings is available in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

From an antique Victorian era look to a modern design fit for Meghan Markle, the queen of your life is sure to love it as much as she loves you.

Anniversary Rings

If you talk to any couple they’ll tell you marriage isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to celebrate anniversaries. Incidentally, CrownRing has a collection for that! Whether you’re celebrating, five years or 50, let your partner know that they still reign over your life with this collection.

The anniversary collection is completely customizable so you can order your ring in any metal and stones you’d like to make your vision come to life.

Luxury Rings

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your jewelry style, the CrownRing line of luxury rings is undoubtedly the place to look! We love this collection because it has no shortage of selection for men’s rings.

There are four collections of luxury rings: G1, G2, G3, G4, and Sport. One of our favourites is the G4 collection, where every ring has a message on the inside of the band, making them a great gift for your loved one.

When you’re in love, you want to treat your partner like royalty, and when you’re ready to pop the question, you want to give them a ring that’s fit for a queen or king. That’s precisely the sentiment behind every piece of jewelry designed and created for the Crown Ring brand.

Come check out our collection of CrownRing in Brantford at J.H. Young, we’ll be happy to give you the royal treatment!