A Custom Creation: John and Amanda’s Story

Here at J.H. Young, we spend many hours creating custom engagement rings for the most unique of situations. But sometimes you stumble on a perfect story, coupled with the perfect ring, and it’s just too beautiful not to share…

John and Amanda’s love story started just a couple years ago but it only took them a matter of months before knowing they were meant to be together. Introduced to each other by his best friend and her sister, who by the way are also together (talk about a perfect double date situation!), their love of adventure, bar hopping, and dogs made it clear that these two love birds had a very bright and beautiful future ahead of them.

While John knew right away that Amanda was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, they also didn’t want to rush into anything too quickly. After moving in together and learning all the good and the bad things there is to learn, they decided to buy their first home and begin creating a family.

Within a couple of months, the happy couple learned they had a little one on the way and they couldn’t have been more thrilled about the new addition. Shortly after, John reached out to Amanda’s mother about getting her the perfect engagement ring. It was then that he learned of her great grandmother’s ring and how she had always wanted it to be passed down through the generations.

Wanting to keep a piece of her family in the love of his life’s future engagement ring, John brought her great grandmother’s ring to J.H. Young to create a modern masterpiece. Keeping the original diamond as the centre piece, J.H. Young added the halo and three stones on each side finishing it off with a brand new white gold.

Custom Engagement Ring

Keeping in mind that Amanda was pregnant throughout the creation of the ring, when John got the phone call that it was ready to pick up he was on his way out of the house before getting stopped for a request to pick up Cadbury chocolate eggs (cravings duh!), some scratch tickets. and folders.

When he returned home, he told Amanda everything she asked for could be found in the folders. One by one she found the chocolate eggs, the scratch tickets and then…. jewellery cleaner? Confused and a little offended that maybe she was being told her jewellery is dirty, Amanda went to the living room to give John a piece of her mind only to find him down on one knee with his beautiful custom creation in hand.

While stumbling across his words (yes, it’s a very nerve-wracking moment for men!), John expressed his love to the mother of their beautiful baby boy and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. Without hesitation, she said yes!

With a wedding date set for August 2020, the happy couple will be getting married in a small backyard wedding surrounded by their family and of course, with little baby John. Congratulations to the happy and beautiful family. J.H. Young wishes you nothing but a lifetime of happiness and love.

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