A Custom Creation: Mitch and Britney’s Story

Here at J.H. Young, we spend many hours creating custom engagement rings for the most unique of situations. But sometimes you stumble on a perfect story, coupled with the perfect ring, and it’s just too beautiful not to share…

Britney and Mitch’s love story first began back in 2013 when they were both working at African Lion Safari. While they didn’t know it at the time, their connection was about to take them on a wild adventure no one could have predicted (well except maybe the animals!). While they took their time getting to know each other and bonding over their love for animals, they officially started dating on April 2 in 2014.

After being together for 2 years, Mitch knew he had found the woman he wanted to spend his life with…but like most men, wasn’t quite ready to pop the question yet. So, instead he committed his love to Britney with a beautiful promise ring from J.H. Young and just 6 months later they moved into their first apartment together.

Engagement ring

Fast forward to 2018 and guess what – they still weren’t engaged! Nonetheless, it was a big year for them as they bought their first home and 8 months later discovered they were pregnant with their handsome baby boy, Oliver.

In 2019, Mitch was ready. He had known for a long time that Britney was the woman of his dreams and wanted to make sure everything about the proposal was perfect, starting with the ring. Now we’re not saying that Britney told him exactly what she wanted, but we’re also not saying that she didn’t drop some hints over the course of the 6 years they’d been together.

Britney’s great Uncle had left his ring to Britney’s mom who was generous enough to pass on the family heirloom to Mitch to use for their wedding rings. We custom-made the engagement ring by fitting the 2-karat diamond (yes, it’s gorgeous!) into a precious band that we chose with Mitch’s help.

Custom engagement ring

After getting the perfect ring custom made, Mitch had to plan the perfect proposal. Let’s start by saying that Britney’s family owns a cottage up North and it’s one of her favourite places in the entire world so that made it easy for Mitch to decide where to propose. Every year, the lake they’re on participates in the “Festival of Lights” where everyone decorates their boats with lots of lights and they cruise around. Talk about a romantic setting! During their sunset cruise, surrounded by family, loved ones, and of course, dogs, Mitch got down on one knee and popped the question. Without hesitation Britney said yes and just like that fireworks were going off (literally and figuratively) creating the most perfect proposal for these two.

Custom engagement ring

As far as the future goes, these lovebirds are just enjoying being engaged and raising their son. They hope to start wedding planning sometime next year with the idea of a picturesque barn wedding where Oliver can walk down the aisle as the ring bearer (we know, too cute!).

Couple wearing engagement rings

And to bring the rings full circle, they are going to use the gold from Britney’s great Uncle’s ring and melt it down to create Mitch’s wedding band.

For over 100 years, these have been some of our proudest moments. Click here to experience the care, love, and passion that goes into all of our custom engagement rings. Your moment is made perfect with J.H. Young.