Design Your Custom Wedding Jewellery with J.H. Young Fine Jewellers

Now that you have found the love of your life, you want to present to them a unique engagement ring one that represents your shared story, your love for one another, and your union. But sometimes, finding that perfect ring can be challenging, and nothing feels quite right. It doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in a haystack. At J.H Young Fine Jewellers, we offer custom jewellery, designed by our team of experienced designers. Allow us to bring your ideas of the perfect ring to life! Here’s what you need to know about custom engagement rings:

Start Early

Naturally, designing a unique engagement ring can take more time than just picking one from the store and having it re-sized. If designing your wedding jewellery is the way you wish to proceed, then please leave ample time between designing the ring and the date needed by.

Have Inspiring Images on Hand

When you are creating your very own design, you can borrow ideas from anywhere. Maybe you like the band on one ring, the colour of the stone on another, and the setting on a different piece. It’s best to provide visual cues and inspiration to your designer so they can see what is truly igniting you. Using Pinterest boards and Instagram images is a particularly utilitarian way of beginning.

Choose Your Metals

Generally speaking, when you pick an engagement ring, you go by the metal first: yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum. But when you are creating a unique engagement ring, you can decide on any metal you’d prefer. In addition to those classic choices, there is also rose gold, palladium, titanium, and recycled metals – which are made from a blend of metals.

Select the Stone

There is more to a diamond than the GIA rating or how much it costs. Each diamond should be unique and sparkly in its own way. It also doesn’t have to be a diamond, either! Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are also equally as beautiful. Sometimes the best way to decide is to hide all the specs and go with your heart. Whichever one speaks to you the most is likely the diamond or gemstone you should choose.

Choose a Cut

There are several cuts, which you have probably learned about in your search for the perfect ring. Cuts include round, cushion, princess, oval, emerald, pear, radiant, Asscher, marquise, or heart. You can also choose to leave your stone uncut, or “raw”, which means they aren’t cut to fit any setting. Instead, they are placed on a band as they came from the earth and the setting is made to fit the stone.

Choose a Setting

In addition to choosing a cut of gemstone, you also need to consider settings. And, pro-tip, there are even more settings to choose from than there are cuts of gemstones. Settings include halo, cathedral, prong, tiffany, bezel, bar, flush, suspension, tension style, channel, pavé, vintage, cluster, shank, and three-stone.

Custom Wedding Bands for Couples

Of course, our team of designers is trained to help guide you through the above process. Once you have these very important considerations nailed down, then you might also want to consider creating a custom wedding band to match. This can apply to the bride as well as the groom! Choosing to create a custom wedding band allows to seamlessly pair both rings.

Custom Craftsmanship

Once we have all the details, we begin to create magic! First, our experienced designers will sketch the designed engagement ring. Then we will produce a 3D rendering in addition to a 3D wax model so you can make sure every aspect is just right. Once you are happy with the model, then we use a hot wax pen to place the 3D wax mold into a metal cylinder. A plaster-like material is then poured onto it to create a negative mold. Once hardened, a flask is placed into a kiln where the wax is melted so that the desired metal can be poured into the mold. Then we gently break your one-of-a-kind piece out of the mold so it can be polished and shined.

At J.H Young Fine Jewellers, we always get excited about working one-on-one with couples looking to design their own engagement ring – or individuals who are looking for their very own, personalized piece of jewellery! If you have a dream, then come talk to us today or give us a call at 519-752-2330. We always feel so honoured to be a part of our clients’ most memorable occasions. Helping you create the perfect gift is the best part of our job.