The Story of J.H. Young Fine Jewellers

What we know today as J.H. Young Fine Jewellers, first began in 1900 when James Henry Young bought an existing jewellery store from Mr. Jones, ‘Jones & Co. Opticians’. Throughout the early 1900s, jewellers and optometrists would share the same store as many of the tools were the same. James Henry Young started J.H Young and Sons as a jewellers and opticians.

How it Started

At that time, J.H. Young and Sons was located at 86 Colborne Street in Brantford. James and his wife, Matilda, or Tilly as she was known by, lived above the store with their four children: Charles, May, Leonard and Ward. Charles was the first to enter the business as a jeweller, followed by his brother Leonard. Ward joined the business as a trained optometrist. They all worked together in J.H Young and Sons, with Tilly helping wherever she could.

It was in 1969 when the optometry part of J.H. Young and Sons branched out into a separate location, which became Well, Young, Szak Optometrist in Brantford.

In 1986, J.H. Young moved from their Colborne location to Eaton Market Square Mall in downtown Brantford. They also opened a second location at Lynden Park Mall. In 1992, the downtown store moved to the Lynden Park location. In 2002, J.H. Young joined with Ludlow’s to create their own shopping venue where the store is currently located today at 126 Lynden Road, Brantford.

The Next Generation

As the second generation, Charles worked in the store until 1972. He and his wife Margaret did not have any children, but Leonard and his wife, Laura, were blessed with Robert and Carole. Robert followed in his father’s footsteps and started working at J.H. Young in 1948 until his passing in 1978. Robert was the third generation of J.H. Young. He married Betty, and they had four children: David, Dianne, Paul and Graham.

Upon Robert’s passing, Betty Young owned and operated the business until her passing in 2009. To be sure that J.H. Young would continue and prosper, her children, David, Dianne, Paul, and Graham, all received an education in the jewellery industry and trained at the Gemological Institute of America in California. “Bound by Tradition and inspired by the Future”, David, Dianne, Paul and Graham Young are the fourth generation to own and operate the family business. They’re also pleased that the tradition continues, as Paul’s daughter Vanessa has also trained as a jeweller in California, and works with her dad, aunt, and uncles. David’s daughter, Lauren, is a sales associate, and she and Vanessa make the 5th generation at J.H. Young Fine Jewellers.

J.H. Young Fine Jewellers Today

Now, 121 years after James Henry Young first opened J.H. Young and Sons, J.H. Young Fine Jewellery is a one-of-a-kind jewellery store. Their showroom features a stunning collection, both classic and modern, and their exceptional staff is committed to personal service and attention to detail. The excitement you feel when you leave the store with that perfect piece in hand is the same excitement they have when they arrive to work. They are proud to set the standard for engagement rings, watches and everyday jewellery.

J.H. Young also offers custom jewellery making. Imagine finding the love of your life, but not the ring that complements their beauty and personality. J.H. Young has experienced designers on staff to sketch your custom piece – however wild your fantasies may be. When you fall in love, it’s the little details that count. They have the capabilities to not only produce a 3D digital rendering of your perfect ring, but also a 3D wax model so that you can see every little detail brought to life. Once you are truly happy then they will begin to craft your jewellery with the utmost precision and care.

The family of J.H. Young is proud to have served Brantford and the surrounding area for more than a century. And as all jewellery can tell a story – a story that may evoke emotions and memories – it means that at some point, maybe in your life, or in your grandmother’s, J.H. Young played a part in your family’s story. The staff and family of J.H.Young is honoured to be a part of your story and the stories of the future. Thank you, Brantford and area, for making the vision of J.H. Young live on.