What Is a Promise Ring?

Promise ring, purity ring, commitment ring, pre-engagement ring…the list of names goes on and on! Promise rings can go by a lot of different names and there’s even more confusion about what they really mean.

What finger does it go on? When should you give one? Is it a formal commitment of some sort? Have no fear, J.H. Young’s jewellery experts have demystified all of the details of the rising trend of promise rings.

The Meaning of Promise Rings

One of the greatest things about promise rings is that there’s no set definition or purpose; the meaning of a promise ring is ultimately whatever the couple wants it to be.

That being said, promise rings are commonly given as a symbol of commitment. For some, it could be a commitment to a future engagement. For others, it’s simply a symbol of their love and devotion for each other.

Promise rings have become increasingly popular as couples spend more time dating before becoming engaged and married, as well as often deciding to live together before taking these steps in their relationship. They may not be willing or ready to commit to marriage yet, but a promise ring can symbolize that their relationship is more than just a casual one.

The Ancient History of Promise Rings

The idea of giving a ring as a symbol of love and affection dates back several hundred years. Posy rings date back to 16th-century England, while Acrostic rings were popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras.

It’s only in the past decade or so that promise rings have become more of a mainstream trend, partially due to them being worn by celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers.

The tradition of wearing a ring to demonstrate loyalty and fidelity can be traced all the way back to ancient times. Evidence has been found of Roman brides wearing engagement bands in 2nd century BC.

Choosing a Promise Ring

A promise ring doesn’t carry the same level of commitment and longevity of an engagement ring, but it’s still something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should only give a promise ring to your significant other after you’ve been a couple for a significant amount of time and you are serious about each other and your relationship.

The style of promise rings varies widely, certainly more so than engagement rings. Some common themes include hearts, intertwined or twisted designed to represent the idea of a couple’s union, eternity rings and bands with a mix of stones.

If your long-term plan is to get an engagement ring, you may want to avoid a promise ring that’s too similar in style to traditional engagement rings or the one you have in mind.

As far as the cost of a promise ring goes, there are no set rules or guidelines on how much you should spend.

The one rule is that it’s typically far less than you’d spend on an engagement ring. This partially comes from the fact that people are typically much younger when they buy a promise ring, so they don’t have the same financial means to buy a promise ring as they do when it’s time to purchase an engagement ring.

How to Give Your Significant Other a Promise Ring

Similar to the above, there’s no true right or wrong way to give someone a promise ring. You definitely don’t have to go down on one knee or plan an elaborate gesture.

Promise rings are commonly given as part of a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift. With an engagement ring, the focus is on the ring and the moment. When you give a promise ring, it’s more about the conversation behind the meaning of the ring and the promise the couple is making to each other.

How to Wear a Promise Ring

While engagement rings are typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand (this tradition started because it was believed there was a vein in that finger that goes to the heart), promise rings can be worn on any hand or finger.

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