One of the biggest milestones in our lifetime is graduating and it makes sense that a graduation ceremony is called a commencement. The word commence means “to begin,” and a graduation from high school, college or a master’s program marks the beginning of new opportunities.

It’s a thrilling time and everyone who supports a graduate wants to let them know how proud they are. Graduation is a moment that deserves recognition. It takes hard work and perseverance to achieve.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate this momentous occasion, check out this graduation gift etiquette guide to help you honour the graduate in your life.

What is the gift etiquette for graduation gifts?

Receiving a graduation announcement doesn’t mean you need to get a gift. If you receive an invite to a party and do plan to attend, etiquette does call for you to bring a gift along with a card.

Many families just use an announcement to share the happy news with friends and family. Sending a card is enough to commemorate the occasion, although you can always include a gift if you wish.

How much you should spend on a gift?

As with gift-giving for other special occasions, you should consider your relationship with the graduate and your own personal finances to determine an appropriate amount.

There is no specific amount dictated by etiquette, and you could gift $20 just as graciously as you could gift $100. The determining factor here should be to give what you can afford.

Graduation Gift Ideas

When considering what to gift a graduate, think about what their needs will be in this new chapter of their life. A high school graduate heading off to college is in a different position than a college graduate starting out in the workplace or traveling to another country.

Thinking about how your gift can help them on their next adventure is a good place to start.

For Him

Personalized Gift: Engraved watches are a perfect gift to make sure your graduate is never late and has something to remember you by. At J.H. Young we’ve got a wide selection of timepieces for him. An engraved saying on the back will make it that much more special.

For Her

Photo Album or Picture Frame: She’s going to be making countless memories on her new adventures—help her keep track of them with a photo album. Or if you want to personalize it, find a picture you love and have it framed!

The most important etiquette for graduations is to keep the graduate in mind and to have a joyous day. Graduation is a time for celebration and customized graduation gifts are a festive way to honour the recent grad.

Do you know what to get your graduate? If you’re looking for a special gift, we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves. Visit our store  in Brantford and speak to one of our professionals!